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"The use of technology to teach anatomy, and inclusion of guest speakers were very beneficial"

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Overview: Specialize in Prenatal Yoga! Become a certified Prenatal Yoga Teacher with this in depth 85 hour training. Learn how to enrich, support and empower women throughout the incredible journey of growth, creation and sustenance of life!

Topics Include: (but are not limited to)

  • Asana for each trimester Learn what is beneficial and potentially harmful during each stage of pregnancy

  • Adjustments & Modifications for pregnancy Learn how to incorporate props and modifcation naturally into your teaching to meet a variety of needs. Practice approaches to adjustments during pregnancy.

  • Anatomical and Physiological changes A pregnant body goes through truly amazing physical changes in the pelvis, spine, soft tissue and hormones. We utilize state of the art anatomy technology to enhance your learning of this topic.

  • Yogic Philosophy & Meditation The immense physical, emotional and spiritual changes throughout pregnancy are often life altering. We discuss the yogic view on pregnancy and practice meditation techniques to promote clarity, peace and strength through change.

  • Pranayama Breath plays a vital role in regulating our physiology, mental state, emotions, and the ability to be present and clear. Learn techniques to deepen the understanding and conscious utilization of breath for pregnancy and labor.

  • Teaching Methodology: This includes sequencing, creating classes, themes, strategies for incorporating pregnant students into non prenatal specific classes, strategies for meeting the needs of each student in prenatal classes as well as a host of other topics that arise in class discussion.

  • Overview of Postpartum and Baby and Me Yoga The postpartum period has unique characteristics. Learn how to best support students in thier changed bodies, minds and hearts through yoga. Includes approaches to classes for baby and me as well as caregiver only classes. This topic goes beyond requirements set forth by Yoga Alliance.

  • Design your own prenatal classes Implement what you learn into your own class designs. Recieve individualized feedback from experienced prenatal teachers.

  • Empower people preparing to have a baby This is at the heart of yoga for pregnancy and labor. Create space for each student to step into their bodies and hearts more fully and nourish the inherent strength inside each student.

  • Gain prenatal teaching experience We learn best and gain confidence by teaching. We have structured teaching exercises to assist you in practicing what you love.


  • Complementary use of studio for practice teaching as available
  • Discount on classes at Om Ananda

Prerequisite: 200-Hour training with Shambhava Yoga or comparable 200-hour level training registered with Yoga Alliance


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