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Sarada Erickson MS ERYT-500 RPYT, Director of Teacher Trainings, Acharya, and founder Om Ananda Yoga


Sarada found yoga in 1997 for the first time, yet it somehow felt familiar to her. She had been roaming about restlessly and often rebelliously for some years. Yoga provided a glimpse into inner peace. She also found relief for her low back pain. This was intriguing and she decided on a regular practice. She earned her 200 hour teaching certification in 2001 at Shambhava Yoga Shoshoni. She then studied, taught, and grew in the beautiful and supportive ashram environment. She began assisting teacher trainings at Shoshoni and Shambhava Yoga (SY) Eldorado. In 2004, she moved to Fort Collins to complete undergrad and then her Master’s Degree in Nutrition at CSU. She began teaching yoga and meditation, with the blessing of her meditation teacher Babaji, in a variety of settings such as: CSU, worksites, yurts, studios and her own humble apartment! In 2006, she completed her 500 hour certification through SY. Sarada’s intrigue with pregnancy eventually led to her becoming a registered prenatal yoga teacher (RPYT) and she redeveloped the SY prenatal training manual.

In 2007, the opportunity to lead the first yoga certification in Ft Collins arose. Sarada deeply loved this experience, grew a tremendous amount, and saw the transformative impact it had on participants. She realized part of her path was to lead trainings, and has brought this love to the community ever since through offering numerous 200 hour, 500 hour and Prenatal certifications. 2010 brought the honor of becoming an Acharya in SY. This blessing marks greater dedication to yoga, growth, teaching, and the yoga community. Om Ananda Yoga in its current form was birthed with husband Shivaji in 2011, followed by the birth of their daughter in 2012. Love, patience, compassion and gratitude have taken on richer forms as Sarada continually learns from her life. Sarada reaffirms her yogic path each day in simple ways through seva (selfless service), ritual, chanting, meditation, and asana. She continually depends on her practice to nourish and balance her body, mind, and spirit.


Jason Erickson (Shivaji), RYT-500, Acharya and co-founder Om Ananda Yoga, Anatomy and Physiology Instructor at Front Community College, Masters of Science in Biology


Jason (Shivaji) started his journey into yoga 15 years ago when he moved into the beautiful ashram, Shambhava Yoga Shoshoni. He had been looking for answers and a spiritual path for many years before that. In the ashram he found the answers he was seeking and much more as he learned to truly live like a yogi—each morning and evening chanting mantra and meditating, performing seva, and learning how to incorporate a spiritual practice throughout the day. Living in the ashram for two years created a strong foundation and springboard for his sprititual growth. Over the years he continued growing spiritually under the tutelage of his teacher, His Holiness Rishi Maha Mandelshwar Sri Shambhavananda Yogi. He was given the title and responsibilities of Acharya in 2010.

The spiritual path and understanding the truth of what it means to be human was the sole focus driving his pursuit of his degrees in higher education. He holds a Masters of Science degree in Biological Science where his research and training emphasize anatomy, physiology, and neurobiology. He continues to enrich this understanding as an Anatomy and Physiology instructor at Front Range Community College. In the yoga teacher trainings, where he teaches the anatomy, philosophy, and meditation components, he fuses together both an academic and experiential understanding (through 15 years of yoga and meditation) of the mind and body.

In 2011, immediately after graduating with his Masters degree, Jason (Shivaji) learned his path would evolve to include both the birth of Om Ananda Yoga and his beautiful daughter, Satori. He continues to grow, to be humbled, and to learn about how daily life can serve as the fuel for our spiritual growth. He is ever grateful for his wife, Sarada, his daughter Satori, all the teaching and duties to serve Om Ananda Yoga, and his teaching at Front Range Community College that serve as powerful vehicles for his growth and evolution.


Aramati Casper RYT-500, CPYT, PhD


Aramati took her first yoga class in 2001 while at Hampshire College. From this point yoga and meditation wove in and out of her life, until she committed herself to a regular practice when she moved to Fort Collins in 2008. She became a certified yoga teacher in the Shambhava Yoga™ in 2009. She earned her 500 hour certification in 2013 and prenatal specialty training in 2015, both through Om Ananda Yoga. She loves the way yoga and meditation continually teach her about herself and the world around her, and is ever grateful for her practice.


Whitney Jill Barry (Jaganmati) RYT 500, manager Om Ananda

Whitney discovered yoga in 2010 when she began seeking alternative healing for health conditions. In 2012, she was certified to teach through the Rocky Mountain Institute of Yoga and Ayurveda. She earned her 500 hour certification through Shambhava Yoga in 2014. Whitney is a manager of Om Ananda, teaches meditation and assists Yoga Teacher Trainings. She has taught children at Eldorado Kids Camp and children with special needs through PSD and Respite. Her enthusiasm is a natural fit with kids!


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